GirlsGotSTEAM is a student-run initiative based in Orlando, Florida with a goal to increase girls and underprivileged youth in STEAM fields. Students that lack resources are those who are unable to build fundamental skills for their future careers, especially in STEAM. In order to foster a strong foundation, we build curriculum for STEAM educators and hold workshops internationally. Additionally, we have built mentorship programs for students who don't have a stable role model in their life. We believe that mentors are crucial and can have a significant impact in a child's development. Most importantly, we take pride in that every resource on our site is free! We don't want any student or educator to feel as if they cannot start their STEAM journey just because they don't have the money for curriculum. Equitable education is important! 

Let's work together to change the future of STEAM education.




If you are in the area, stop by during one of our workshops! Want to hold a workshop? Email info@girlsgotsteam.org!


Check out our curriculum made for STEAM educators. We provide lesson plans for all age ranges! 


Contact us for partnerships, collaborations and specialized lesson plans! We are always available.